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While these actions create a seemingly dynamic environment in which players act and interact with each other in absence of your direct input, they have little effect on the outcome of a match. There's a slight improvement in a keeper's ability to save long strikes, but they still tend to concede the same percentage of shots as last season; the overall impact on gameplay has been balanced in such a way so as not to disrupt the established difficulty of netting a goal.

That's no bad thing, though. FIFA has done a good job over the last half decade of avoiding regular instances of scorelines that look as though they belong to basketball or American football. To change such a thing now would be to change the nature of an incredibly popular series. Having said that, it's now somewhat easier to score the kind of goals that you'd expect to see in an end-of-season highlight reel. Goalkeepers might be that much better at stopping long shots, but truly outrageous efforts seem to find the twine more often than you'd reasonably expect.

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Neil writes "Each week EA Sports creates a Fut 15 Coins of the Week (TOTW) based on players in the real world that are in form for that week. Take a look at the team that will be available for one week from 5th November at 6pm." 
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Games may FIFA 15 Coins be won by the players up front, but they need the service to be able to score, that’s where good wide players are required (Note: I will be doing right midfielders and right wingers as separate positions).

Serge Gnabry (Arsenal)

Arsenal are beginning to have this knack of developing excellent wide players, Theo Walcott and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in example. Youngster Gnabry is the next up and coming player. At nineteen years of age he has a long career ahead of him and his three start weak foot and skill moves give him a platform to build on (on FIFA at least). Physically, he is just as strong as they are/where, including 85 in both acceleration and sprint speed. His strength is pretty average, whilst he also has average technical ability. Ball control and dribbling bring the most developed attributes, 73 and 75 respectively. At only 70 rated, he won’t be too expensive compared to when he eventually reaches his full potential (83).

Sime Vrsaljko (Sassuolo)

The right back turned right midfielder is another solid player from Italian minnows Sassuolo. Medium attacking and defensive work rates, Vrsaljko will be competent at covering a lot of ground. His physical attributes support his ability to do that. Eighty plus ratings in acceleration (81), jumping (87), sprint speed (83) and finally stamina (86) show that the Croatian international will have no problem being a marauding winger. He also has solid ball control and dribbling, whilst possessing fantastic crossing ability (75) for such a young player. At just 72 rated, a bid of a few million should suffice, whilst he goes about reaching his potential of 82.

Francisco Rodriguez (FC Zurich)

The young Swiss starlet is a natural right midfielder, but can also play on the left and centrally. At only 67 rated, there will be no big price tag on his head, so for lower teams he may be an ideal option. With a potential of 83, Rodriguez will comfortably be one of the better players at a lower league side, but will also be useful in top sides as well. Excellent physical attributes, 81 and 82 in acceleration and sprint speed respectively, show he’ll be comfortable beating players, helped in part by his 72 dribbling and 75 ball control. For a winger, Rodriguez has excellent shot power with good finishing; making him a threat, but his crossing could do with some improvement.

Patrick Roberts (Fulham)

Roberts is the youngest player on the list at just seventeen years of age and is an out and out right midfielder, although being left footed. With such young age comes an expected low rating, 67 to be exact, however he still has good attributes for your team. He has nineties ratings in both agility and balance, whilst 85 acceleration makes him a sharp winger. In areas, his technical ability is strong, dribbling and ball control being in the seventies. Apart from that, his finishing, crossing and strength could be vastly improved. Being weak in those areas makes him vulnerable in one-on-one’s against defenders. Be tempted to cut inside more often than not as his right foot is weak, but with a potential of 83, it’s difficult to turn down.

Carles Gil (Valencia)

Spain always has a habit of producing good footballers and Carles Gil of Valencia is just another of those. His strongest position is right midfield, but he can also play left side and in an attacking role. High attacking work rate will make him a strong attacker, as will three star skill moves and weak foot. Not the quickest player across the ground and neither is he that good stamina wise. Gil has disappointing physical attributes. His main strengths are his dribbling and ball control, both 82, whilst he has seventies for all of passing. With a potential of 83, Gil will become a top, expensive player.

Suso (Liverpool)

The young Spaniard looked good on loan last season and during Liverpool’s pre-season, but he hasn’t been given his chance yet. Comfortable playing on both sides of the field, Suso is another left footed, right midfielder. He also has four star skills for players who still enjoy using skills in career mode. Not blessed with the greatest of pace, but he has excellent agility. Technically though he is already close to superb. Dribbling and ball control both over eighty, 85 and 83 to be exact. He also has great vision, which is a positive, but his crossing and finishing certainly let him down. Starting at 74, he will be a cheaper option than most and when he gets too his potential (83) he will be a top signing.

Mohamed Salah (Chelsea)

One of Chelsea’s many attacking midfield options, albeit he may not get game time, but he possesses quality. Another left footed wide option, Salah is a higher standing rating than most, growing to an excellent potential of 84. Salah has both four star weak foo and four star skill moves; the Egyptian is certainly one of the stronger options to sign. His physical attributes are phenomenally good, superb acceleration (92) and sprint speed (94) as well as competent stamina (77). Another player into the eighties for both dribbling and ball control, but another with relatively poor end product (crossing and finishing). A player who doesn’t play regularly would be easier to sign, so Salah would be a big profit possibility.

Florian Thauvin (Marseille)

It seems a lot of the right sided players on FIFA 15 are left footed, which can be advantageous for cutting inside and shooting. The Marseille man can play right midfield and as a more attacking option (CAM & ST). 77 rated, so would be a more expensive signing than others, but has the attributes to support that price tag. Acceleration and sprint speed above eighty makes him one of the quicker options, but disappointing stamina will see him tired or injured often, whilst his weak strength may be a hindrance. Other than that, his technical skills also make him excellent. Good finishing and crossing will see him involved in goals throughout the season, whilst his ball control will only increase the chances of beating players.

Leon Goretzka (FC Schalke)

Another of the flourishing crop of German youngsters, coming through the ranks at Schalke with Julian Draxler. He can play in a number of different positions across the midfield; right, left and defensive. Technically and physically a strong player, Goretzka may not contain the lightning pace of some players, but he has the fitness to last longer during matches and seasons. Mid seventies for both ball control and dribbling, Goretzka would be comfortable on the ball, whilst the German’s passing ability will aid you in chance creation. Starting at just 73 rated he wouldn’t be an overly expensive option, but growing through to an 85 potential would highly increase his value.

Lazar Markovic (Liverpool)

Markovic’s transfer to Liverpool in the summer was hyped up due to the potential he showed at Benfica. He hasn’t replicated that on Merseyside yet, partly down to the fact he’s been sat as a substitute. Able to play on both wings, the Serbian has four star skill moves to aid him in beating defenders. He has near ninety in sprint speed and dribbling, over ninety in acceleration an close to mid eighty for ball control, showing the Serbian will have control comfortably when in attack. For a winger, he does have poor crossing, as well as poor finishing which isn’t helpful in front of goal. From 78 to 87, Markovic would be a top signing for any squad. 

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In FIFA 15 Coins, having an abundance of coins is generally a good idea. Whenever you get a chance, farming for extra coins never goes wasted!

There are a couple of methods to earn extra coins; most of which revolve around using trading exploits to your advantage. With your pockets flooding with these coins, you’ll be able to purchase the best ranked players and work your way to the squad of your dreams.

For more help on FIFA 15, read our Tactics Tips, Defending Tips and Dribbling Guide.

Trading Seems to Work the Best
When you’re going with trading, the key point to note is to buy at fewer prices and sell at higher prices. To accomplish this task, ‘Buy it now’ feature can come in really handy. This method still works to some extent, but it was definitely on its peak near the game’s launch.

You need to purchase some of the key players and then sell them with small profits. It’s advisable that you never exceed the profits by 400 coins.

For example, you can buy a player for 600 coins and sell it for 800 coins. No doubt this method is slow, but it promises longevity and perpetual success.
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A couple of weeks ago, we saw players from Borussia Dortmund trying their hands on FIFA 15, and then last week we had the likes of Andre Schurrle, Loic Remy, Nathan Ake and Cesar Azpilicueta of Chelsea having a go at each other. And now, it seems like the FIFA craze has also caught up with the Barcelona players.

Barcelona fifa 15

Yesterday we had compared their looks in FIFA 15 and PES 2015, but this time, its revealed that 8 of their players indulged in some virtual football action.

They split in to two groups of 4 players each and they both took Barcelona to play with. The team of Dani Alves, Lionel Messi, Neymar and Munir El Haddadi chose to play with the third kit, and they were up against the team of Gerard Pique, Ivan Rakitic, Marc Batra and Jordi Alba who chose the traditional home kit.